[Trans] 121029 TVXQ's JYJ - Twitter Updates!

Jaejoong: @1215thexiahtic Congratulations our Junsu~~~~^^

Jaejoong: I went in by mistake..

Junsu: Best Male Lead award at the 18th Korean Musical Awards.. Today I received this award that I'd been dreaming of. Through musicals, I came to stand on stage again, and through musicals, I was able to sing again.. through musicals, I was able to be a part of such a good event as this, and through musicals I was able to receive an award, when it seemed like I'd never be able to receive one ever again.

Junsu: To the world of musicals that I'm so thankful towards.. I will work even harder to become a good actor that can return all that. The three years that I've spent up till now as a musical actor.. During this time, the many staff.. actors.. who have been together with me.. I think this is an award that I received because I had them.

Junsu: While promising to become an ever hardworking actor, I will share this honour with my fans who walk with me at every single moment, step by step matching my every footstep, telling me not to feel lonely.... Everyone, thank you so much and I love you

Jaejoong: Meow goodnight

cr: JJ JS's twitter
trans: AllRiseXiahtic

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