Wanna Your Own Blog's Theme?

Hello there....

Since i won't be able to update my blog as before, i feel something has gone! U know, i'd like to spent 2- 3hrs/day to update my blog, and now i didn't.
And what i'd like to say is...

I open a request for design a blog (Blogspot) and a background image for Wordpress.
For my lovely visitors, u have to know, how many times i changed my blog's theme. And thanks for u who always love them ehehhehehe~~~
'cz of that, i do this, i'd like to design a blog for u. Whatever it is, whatever what its theme, just tell me what theme u want to. Fresh? Modern? Kid? Or etc.
Don't worry its all for free, i'll make it for u as fast as i can, i'll make it faster when i don't have anything to do, or i'm on my free!

For who want this?? please send me ur req at my FB

Your Blog's theme: (Music/ Diary/ Life Activities/ or etc)
Your name: (what name u want to put on your blog!)
Your blog title:

Please stay tuned on your FB, cz i'll ask you something about what i'll put on your blog! and don't ask me a twitter, cz i alredy deleted my twitter (@tsubasa_raa) ^^!
p.s: even i still put the twitter button but it doesnt exist anymore DX!

And i'll reply ur message (on FB) whatever if i can do ur req or not!!

love dharaa

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