[Trans] 121005 TVXQ's HoMin - Message to the Fans!

From, U-Know
Hi everyone, I am Uknow Yunho.
Yesterday a lot of fans came to the live filming of Inkigayo
Continuously providing us with support all they way until the end, giving us a lot of strength~ ^^*

I want to say thank you to all the fans that supported us until this late,
I didn’t have the chance to greet everyone when you all were escorted out, because this has been on my mind I came here to leave a message.

Now is the beginning, let us do it perfectly until the end!!^^

Thank you everyone!!!!

From, MAX
Hi everyone, I am Max Changmin!
Yesterday you all waited for us until it was really late, but you continued to provide support for us, we really appreciate it~
I’m really sorry that when it was over I didn’t have a chance to tell everyone thank you, and didn’t get to tell everyone to have a safe trip home……
Because we were too busy, I couldn’t ask everyone directly……

Did everyone get home safe??? ^__^

It has already began now.
We really will work very hard, please support us!!!!!!!!!!

cr: TVXQ! Official site+baidu
trans: sharingyoochun.net

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