[Trans] 120905 TVXQ's JYJ - Twitter Updates!

Junsu: Do you not like me..? ㅠㅠ

Junsu: Ah, everyone should have heard about the news for Elisabeth OST already right!? ^^ It was delayed due to the solo album. But since it was to be released, rather than releasing it in a rush, I rather present a good quality product to everyone. It was me who was a bit stubborn.. ^^;;

Junsu: Though I know fans are very curious… and also know the effort by EMK… but this is the first musical album and therefore I wish more effort was spent~ I would like to take this chance to apologise to EMK family due to my greed keke

Junsu: Additionally, the reason for actor’s version is due to actual circumstances… Actual circumstances is due to vocal editing like the noise and vocal quality and needed time to enhance it… And also to let you all listen to streaming and thus have to be recorded separately, resulting in the late release.. ㅜ

Junsu: I would like to express my thanks once again to Young Ki hyung and Joo Hyun noona who took out time to record ^^ Using Twitter to express Thanks to. keke


cr: JS's + his mom twitter
trans: sharingyoochun.net

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