[Aud] 120923 TVXQ's HoMin - KaKao Talk Update!

T: Hello KakaoTalk Plus Friends, this is TVXQ. Long time no talk.

C: Yeah TVXQ is coming back with the new album “Catch Me” in, wow, a year and eight month since “Keep Your Head Down” album which was released in January of last year.

Y: Yaaa Everyone waited for a really long time, didn’t you? But we also worked very hard to show you a more quality album with better music and performance.

C: Yeah. Our new album’s title song, “Catch Me” is a dance track about a proud guy who bids goodbye to his lover, but in his real mind, begging the lover to catch him and show him love to describe it simply.

Y: Yes Changmin ssi. But rather than just explaining it in words like this why don’t we show them a little bit of the song, like a bar, before it is released?

C: Yes one bar coming up.

[singing] Why me~~~~~~~

Y: Yeah

C: [continues singing] this stupid -

Y: This is good till here. Just till here’s enough.

C: I shouldn’t go for more right?

Y: Yes (In Korean, they agree to the question unlike in English. So Yunho means that Changmin should not go for more bars). Anyways the full tracklist of this album including the Catch Me that was just sung, will be released to various online sites on Monday 24th on noon (KST) so please be tuned. So this was,

T: TVXQ! Thank you.

cr: TheKingYunho+ fuzzybunny

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