[Vid] 120811 Tohoshinki's HoMin - Music Fair!

MC: What were some surprising things you’ve seen, heard, or experienced in the Japanese entertainment industry?

YH: It’s not really deep… but I thought the various food provided (Lunch box) by the TV stations are delicious. For example Katsudon (Deep fried pork with rice), Curry… It’s so good! I always look forward to it

CH: *nods*

Member from JSB: I think especially Music Fair provide various types of food.

MC: Yup, cuz it’s not in lunch boxes. It’s buffet- style (catering).

YH: That’s why I enjoy visiting Music Fair^^ I LOVE the food

CH: *nods and lightly smiles*

MC: Yup, cuz there are lots of food~

YH: Yes~!

All: *laughs*

MC: Are you a Ame-ottoko (are ppl who happen to bring rain. ←usually rains when he/she appear. Opposite from ppl who bring sunshine)?

YH&CH;:*raises hand*

YH: Yes. Somehow, when TVXQ starts performing, it starts to rain.

All: *laughs*

YH: Yes, I was like, “What the heck~!”

MC: Why don’t you go perform at places which have lack of rain??

All: *laughs*

Question Corner

JSB: I always watch TVXQ in live and on TV and I always think they’re really good at dancing.

MC: Yeah~ but both groups are good at dancing.

JSB: I was thinking if TVXQ have a specific dance they’re good at and if they did, I was wondering if you can teach us.

YH: Umm.. Surprisingly,we don’t really have a specific dance we are good at, since dance is like singing and I believe that we must put our feelings to it.

MC: Huh~Do you ever think you’re good at dancing?

YH: Umm… sometimes I kind of think like I’m good at dancing~

All: *laughs*

MC: You’re very modest!

YH: I was just honestly speaking lol

MC: How about Changmin?

CH: I’ve never thought that I was good at dancing…

Woman MC: What~ but you both are so great~

YH: Yeah… then, how about you guys (JSB)? What kind of dance are you good at?

JSB: Normal dancing is sometimes boring so I like expressing food by dancing.

*They suggest some food to express*

MC: How about TVXQ? Yunho, do you have any requests?

YH: well, these days TVXQ is into Ramen noodles.

JSB: Okay, then I’ll express that by dancing!

All: *laughs*

JSB: *dances*

YH: It was a good ramen:) (indirectly translating)

MC: Why don’t you do this during concerts etc…?

YH: Oh… yeah.

MC: You don’t sound very enthusiastic.

YH: Not at all. I’m absolutely eager do it! (kind of laughs)

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