[Trans] 120824 TVXQ's JYJ - Twitter Updates!

Junsu: @B2stGK Goodnight Kikwang-ah~~^^

Jaejoong: We were like this .. Haewoondae's charming men

Jaejoong: Followed by last year ..The aquarium is mysterious. .

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin I say Younghwi isn't this too cute~
[In reply to this: ㅋㅋㅋ]

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin I'll never forget the memories made this time
[In reply to this: I say Kyungtakie... It's so embarrassing ㅠ ㅋㅋ]

Jaejoong: Can't do anything even it's embarrassing.. The world!!!Has changed.

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin Ko...Kongtakie.. I know Ttaenghwi..
[In reply to this: I also had lots of fun Kongtakie...But!!! The typhoon....]

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin I am..okay with it.. The heaven is on my side already..
[In reply to this: Ttae..Ttaenghwi????...Sorry tapping machine(Kyungtakie)]

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin You.. Are you already drunk? Full of typos..
[In reply to this: In Busan ..What are you doing You should come back and be together with me.. You this friend come back ㅠㅠ]

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin Oh look at this friend...Ti..Ti..Tin..Tinku(friend)? Did you say that? Anyone there, come and tie up this fellow now,..!ㅜ
[In reply to this: Sorry for the typo. You this tinku (friend) what are you doing in Busan Come back and be together with me Come back....!!]

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin Isn't Busan in Kyungsangnam-do.. So you should say "Oppa Kyungnam Style"
[In reply to this: What?! I thought we were childhood friends and respect each other... You're not Gangnam Style, is "Kongtak Kangniam Style"]

Jaejoong: The lonely Ttaenghwi..

Jaejoong: Kkongtakie with overflowing loneliness

cr: JaeSu's twitter
trans: AllRiseXiahtic+ naemaeum

JJ ! u are too cuteee :33

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