[Trans] 120715 Music Japan – Tohoshinki Talk

(The guest, a ventriloquist, brought two dolls.)

Yunho: I want the boy~
Guest: First, let’s settle the name for the dolls, and the name is~
Yunho: As my name is Yunho, (points at doll) Yunja.
Changmin: Just a normal Jane will do~
Yunho: Ah, then mine will be Tony~ Hahaha

The guest asked the two to make conversation with the doll, asking names and the two of them did very well.
MC: The voice of the doll seems strained~
Yunho: Sounds a bit old, in fact Tony is my elder brother~
(looks at ‘Tony’) Right?
Tony: Yes!
(MC laughed)

Guest: Is there anything Tony wished Changmin would change?
Jane: Nothing right?
Tony: Erm~~~~~~~~~~ too much of a cleanliness lover! Only his own space is especially clean~
Guest: Only tidying up own space~ Didn’t clean up Yunho’s space too?
Tony: Not at all!
MC: Not at all? Why?
Jane: Erm~~ I did at first, but I gave up~
MC: Is Yunho’s space really that messy?
Jane: Mm mm mm~
MC: Tony, is it so?
Tony: It is~
MC: Hahaha
Yunho: Is it so?
Tony: Dangerous (Got busted)~
Yunho: Ah, dangerous, Ah~ shoo shoo shoo (keep quiet)~

MC: Let’s have the two to use Jane and Tony to communicate?
Yunho: (facing Tony) It’s okay.
Tony: It~ is~ okay~
Guest: The vocal is good.
Jane: You are not my type~
Tony: Ah! Ahah! Got rejected~
Yunho: It’s okay, it’s okay~
Tony: Ah! Ahah!
Jane: Nononono~
Tony: Please marry me~
Jane: Break up~
Tony: *cries*
Jane: Divorce~ (in a happy tone)
Yunho: (facing Tony) It’s okay, I am by your side~
Tony: Let’s be good friends~
Jane: Okay~
Yunho: Finally they became good friends~
MC: What is Jane and Tony’s relationship?
Yunho: I think they got married before.
Changmin: A long time ago, they got married when they were in their teens… (laughs) A bit overboard~
MC: Such a complicated relationship~
Changmin: Sorry~
Yunho: Got married right after graduation but own dreams are more important… thus broke up.

credit: Yue未然
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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