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Jaejoong: I NG-ed during filming yesterday… Due to my mispronounciation… I said, “Let’s go and take a look at hwalinseo (T/N: The clinic in ‘Dr Jin’)… Jin Yi Han (Jin Yi Won) is waiting!”.. (T/N: Jin Yi Won means ‘Dr Jin’. lol. Jin Yi Han is the actor as Hong Yong Hwi, Kim Kyung Tak’s BFF.)

Jaejoong: In the midst of working hard for today’s filming too…! Fight-ya

Jaejoong: Got bitten by mosquitoes this morning, and became a fatty hand..

Jaejoong: Pulled an all-nighter and sleepy and tired, this is the time to be even more livelier! (Presenting this after a long while)

Jaejoong: If were to believe the distorted truth, it will become the truth too. The only real truth is also obviously the fact. For whom to be living, for whom to be alive, me who is able to say this is the real ‘me’.

Junsu: I love shanghai~♡

Jaejoong: Ji Hyo noona told me that day that, she’d placed shoes.. clothes.. hat.. mic… and the gold in her bag… the total weight is over 4kg!

Jaejoong: But she exclaimed that the gold is fake.

cr: JaeSu;s twitter
trans: rachui@sharingyoochun

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