[Trans] 120529-30 TVXQ's JYJ - Twitter Update!

Lol even WE knew before you did XD
(Yoochun, 12:26pm KST) @motoro100 My loving Changju hyung~ I see that you've started using this (Twitter)^^ hahaha
(t/n: Baek ChangJu is CJeS CEO)
(Changju, 10:40pm KST) @6002theMicky haha You're the last one to find out about it… I've come back after finishing up a meeting and so have you after ending things on a high note haha What are you doing right now Chun, are you doing what we talked about before? lol
(Yoochun, 10:44pm KST) @motoro100 hahaha Yes~^^ My sensitivity is going wild!!!!!!

Naww, hwaiting Steve!
(Steve, 10:25pm KST) I can't believe it, I seriously can't believe it……
(Yoochun, 10:27pm KST) @mykim3130 What's up????
(Steve, 10:28pm KST) @6002theMicky kekekekeke Because I have to go for reserve forces training tomorrowㅠ
(Yoochun, 10:29pm KST) @mykim3130 Don't lie to me…. I know there's something else
(Steve, 10:38pm KST) @6002theMicky keke I'm serious. Hyung, I have to go to sleep so I'll be good for tomorrow!!
(Yoochun, 10:44pm KST) @mykim3130 Goodnight~^^

Told ya he goes cray-cray :P It's all sorts of hilarious and troll-y
(Yoochun, 1:20am KST) hahaha Taesung hyung and Minsu hyung~~ We had so much fun~ Passed-out Yoochun, mental collapse Yoochun~^^ Did we always have that kind of relationship????

(Taesung, 1:22am KST) @6002theMikcy Yoochun… It's the long distance effect… I was at least 20cm away from you… I wanted to protect you since you were passed out…
(Yoochun, 1:25am KST) @TAE_SAMA Hm~~~ Hyung, protect me
(Taesung, 1:26am KST) @6002theMicky I'll keep protecting your in your passed-out form~^^ Don't worry about it Yong Taemu…………. Muahahahaha
(Yoochun, 1:26am KST) @TAE_SAMA Yong Taemu, you bastard… Where's Park Ha???
(Taesung, 1:28am KST) @6002theMicky You haven't left yet? … Park Ha… I keep feeling sorry to Park Ha… Sigh…
(Yoochun, 1:29am KST) @TAE_SAMA I'll keep loving you, even after 300 years have passed
(Taesung, 1:29am KST) @6002theMicky Me? Or Park Ha? lol
(Yoochun, 1:31am KST) @TAE_SAMA My younger brother Yoohwan~~^^♥
(Taesung, 1:32am KST) @6002theMicky Then… I'll take Secretary Hong
(Yoochun, 1:33am KST) @TAE_SAMA Crown Princess (T/N: Or the name of that Chinese takeout place from before)~~~~~~~~ Two bowls of jjajangmyun please~!!!!
(Taesung, 1:33am KST) @6002theMicky That's going a bit too far….
(Yoochun, 1:35am KST) @TAE_SAMA How dare you~~~!!! You are impertinent!!! You are lacking
(Taesung, 1:39am KST) @6002theMicky Goodnight~ My dongsaeng~ Let's make sure tomorrow's another day that makes our hearts flutter!!!
(Yoochun, 1:41am KST) @TAE_SAMA With tears turning to joy^^

Yoochun gets all philosophical
(Gun Young, 1:59am KST) @6002theMicky Having fun?
(Yoochun, 2:14am KST) @zerotic0124 I think a life in which joy and sorrow coexist is a happy one….^^ I want to smile a lot!!

You're never fully dressed without a smile~ ;)

(Gun Young, 3:09am KST) @6002theMicky Smile, boy!! They say that laughter will bring you good fortune~!!!!!!!!! Make me laugh tooㅜㅜ So that luck will come to me..
(Yoochun, 8:30am KST) @zerotic0124 Hyung~ Smile^^ Twa~ah ^________^

Ooooooh He's working on songs?? That sounds good :D
(Yoochun, 9:49am kST) @motoro100 Hyung~~~ Good morning ^________^
(Yoochun, 9:55am KST) @motoro100 I already finished~ a whole song yesterday!!^^
(Changju, 9:59am KST) @6002theMicky Wow, you're really fast haha All I have to say is that you're one scary guy haha I'll come by when I'm done with my meeting, work hard till then haha
(Yoochun, 10:00am KST) @motoro100 Yes, sir^^

cr: YC's twitter
trans: dongabangdata

JJ canged his twitter DP ^^~

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