[Trans] 120515 TVXQ's JYJ - Twitter Updates!

Junsu: A great end..Mel...M

Junsu: Bora Bora

Junsu: Ho~~

Junsu: Because it only came out for a short while in the MV, this is for the people who were curious about this look.~ ^^

yoonphantom: @1215thexiahtic Pr...pret~ty~~~^^ㅎ
Junsu: @yoonphantom Hyung I miss you~ㅜ

joohyunieee: @1215thexiahtic Junsuk-i unnie..!!
Junsu: @joohyunieee Noona~!!!!!!!!!!!!!ㅎ

ssoogilove: ~~~~~^^Junsu~~~~yah! Pret~~~~~ty~~~!!^^
Junsu: @ssoogilove Haack!

Junsu: @ucheonglee Hyung~ I miss you

Junsu: @gentlechan Hyung~!ㅋ Are you doing well?
gentlechan: @1215thexiahtic Of course ^^ You are cool these days! Jjun~~Su!ㅎㅎ See you soon! Asia No.1 vocalist ^^ Take care of your body when doing activities!!!!

AshleeNino: Korea Rehearsals Day... ummm. I don’t even know what day it is anymore... working our butts off! But having a blast!
Junsu: @ AshleeNino See you soon~!!

Junsu: RT @JUNO_Japan Starting tomorrow my 3rd single『Everything』will be released! So glad! I cannot wait!! \(^o^)/
Junsu: @JUNO_Japan Hwaiting to us!!~^^

Junsu: @mjjeje ㅋㅋThanks~
Jaejoong: Hyung’s favourite is “The Dew-Laden Tree”
Junsu: Mine is No Gain
Jaejoong: ㅎㅎ I’m embarrassed..Hwiting on you concert practice Junsu-yah ^^

Junsu: We will see you this weekend..^^

Junsu: Thank you everyone~ Always^^

cr: JaeSu's Twitter
Trans: AllRiseXiahtic + Evy901
shared: DBSKnights+ broken tsubasa

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