[Trans] 120502 - 03 TVXQ's JYJ - Twitter Updates!

Junsu: I wish to go out of this window….;;

Junsu: Ah…..

Junsu: The coconut trees together with the sunset that I like….

Junsu: On my way to be Death for the last time. Irrelevance to my heart, the weather is so nice..^^;;

Junsu: Elisabeth... When the suggestion first came to me that I should take on the role of Death.. I hesitated a lot.. Although I knew better than anyone else that it's such an excellent musical work and such a great role... but ultimately are these really the right fitting clothes for me? Such doubts began to surface in my mind...

But right now at this moment, after finishing the last performance, taking a step away from whether or not I performed well or did badly, I'm trying to think to myself, "Wasn't this a period of time where I was able to learn many things as a musical actor?" To the Elisabeth cast who have been my strength from the very beginning till the very end... Being able to do this together was yet another source of strength for me, and I was really happy.. Thank you all so, so much and to the audience who cried and laughed together with me as well, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Junsu: I tried not to cry... But at the final veil scene, as soon as I saw Sunyoung-noona, thoughts that "This really is the end huh," crossed my mind, and I ended up in tears in the end.. Though Death shouldn't do that, right........ I was really thankful to the two Elisabeths Sunyoung-noona and Joohyun-noona for crying together with me during that time.

Junsu: We ultimately depart towards eternal rest and freedom, so don't cry....^^

Junsu: Also to Min Young Ki hyung who has an amazing voice and truly lives so youthfully.. my musical teacher Eun Tae-hyung.. and Seungdae-hyung who coined the new word "Xiah-seung".. Cool hand-signals Jung Hwa-noona.. Our school teacher Tae Won-noona.. Insane falsettos Suyongie-hyung.. Seriously really good looking flower boy Min Chulie-hyung.. Pringles Yoon-sephㅠ Handsome Jung Han-hyung, Chang Ui-hyung, the voice of the judge Jung Yeolie-hyung..

And the best ensemble hyungs, noonas dong dongsaengs.. The best at pitching Kim Moon Jung-noona.. Writer In Seon-hyung.. The EMK family members that I love.. And to all the staff members outside of these people, thank you all very much.. Ah! And our six Angels of Death... Thank you all so much.

Junsu: Ah also, Dong Suk who honestly feels more like the hyung than me, and.. ㅎㅎ Seunghyunnie who entered the world of musicals for the first time, thank you both so much~~^^

Junsu: @mjjeje Hyung you're just starting now too, huh~~ Fighting!!^^

Yuchun: Hello...Hello

Yuchun: People people love

Yuchun: My heart…the east…the west…

Jaejoong: Doctor Jin hwaiting!

Jaejoong: Well, if my fruits in Rule the Sky were 100 pieces… all 100 pieces were stolen… ㅠ

Jaejoong: But.. Take it as much as you like~~

Jarjoong: @1215thexiahtic My awesome brother~ Junsu^^

cr: JYJ;s twitter
trans: rachui@ sharingyoochun.net+ joejjang+ AllRiseXiahtic

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